We are where we are due to a diverse team force sharing a common goal. A family-run and professionally managed corporation, our board of directors includes first and second-generation family members working in tandem with each other to achieve a shared vision. Here’s who we are!

Mr. Rajkumar Sharma:

A Commerce graduate with a career spanning more than 4 decades, he brings in rich senior leadership experience in the field of Finance, Budgeting, Cost Accountancy, Cash Flow, and Project Management to the team. A go-to person with extensive knowledge of all things on our excel sheet, Mr. Rajkumar is a strategist with a sharp eye for numerical details.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma:

Having over 35 years of hands-on experience and being a highly-skilled technocrat, Mr. Mukesh has held integral roles at ABCPL leading to its growth and development. He handles all technical aspects of the business along with R&D, new product development, designing new types of machinery, jigs & fixtures, etc. Mr. Mukesh is a visionary who also takes care of marketing & key account management.

Mr. Suresh Sharma:

A commerce graduate with an exhaustive accounting background, Mr. Suresh is a key player in identifying new sources and suppliers, negotiating contracts, and maintaining cross-functional business ethos. With a career span of more than 35 years, he is part of the Senior leadership team that inspires the next generation with its strong work culture. His role includes Sourcing, Vendor development, Supplier Audit, etc.

Mr. Vishal Sharma:

Mr. Vishal Sharma is equipped with an MBA degree, specializing in Family Managed Business. Having joined the family business in 2002, he becomes a second-generation entrepreneur having experience of more than 20 years in the field of Production, QMS, Lean Management & International Marketing. He is known for building collaborative relationships and delivering high results consistently.

Mr. Ashish Sharma:

Another second-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Ashish is a technocrat with a Masters in Business management, specializing in Family Managed Business. His entry into this family-owned business was in 2010 when he chose to contribute to the R&D, Design and development, Operational efficiency of ABCPL. He works closely with the senior leadership team to bring innovative ideas and concepts to reality.

Mr. Aditya Sharma:

Aditya Sharma, the latest to join the bandwagon from the family in 2014, is an MBA(Marketing) who has specialized in Supply Chain Management, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resource Management. He is a people person who has played a pivotal role in effecting good internal communications and converting business transactions to sales.